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To empower our clients by provided accurate and honest assessments that will allow them to make a well informed decision.

President and CEO

Andy Wilson has been in the I.T. Industry for over 11 years.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Western Governors University. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Information Security and Assurance. Through his many positions in the Corporate world, Andy has seen 1st hand how many companies have spent too much of their profits on unnecessary I.T. equipment and software.

Tired of watching companies make money hand over fist at the expense of the business owners, Andy saw a need to help small and medium businesses work through the barrage of companies offering software and hardware that is not in the best interest of that company.

Andy decided to form The GoTo Guyz.  His vision was to  provide accurate and honest advice to businesses that will allow them to make an informed decision.  

This vision hold true today.  Andy still believes that it is his duty to make sure that his clients know what they are purchasing, why they are purchasing it, and how it will really affect their bottom line.